Sample Thursdays – Marlena Shaw – Where Can I Go



Marlena ShawWhere Can I Go?
Producers: Richard Evans, Charles Stepney

Her music has been sampled over the past 4 decades, by likes of St. Germain, 9th Wonder, Blue Boys, Jay Rock and was even remade for scores from movies such as  “Italian Job”. Saying little or anything about Marlene Shaw is always going to be a mouthful.

Despite releasing albums from 7 different record labels with an incredible catalog, we decided to focus today’s SAMPLE THURSDAYS  on a particular song released in 1969, from her sophomore album under her first label, ‘Cadet’.

Where can I go” (composed by Leo Fuld, Sigment Berland, Sonny Miller) is the shortest song on the album however doesn’t fail to match Shaw’s penchant for stylistic variety. The described soul and proto-funk to jazz style is a signature that she uses in her writing. Whilst as a music student from New York State Teachers College, Marlena created an impeccable writing style that showed in her lyrics. Her vocal ranges are smooth as velvet to say the least.

Just for great measure, the song oozes with psych guitar accents and bongo-fueled organ riffs. Sampled not as many times as other songs from her discography, this song is still remains a gem.

Sampled by:

Dee-1 – Jay, 50, and Weezy

Casual-Sushi feat. Mr.Town (Izrell)

The A.L.L.I.E.S. – Tell Me Where (Can I Go)